hometown girl

my name is meg and I like the strypes a bit

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K guys so I’m going away for two weeks (I’m back 9th August), and I’m not gonna have any internet until I’m back so you, if I don’t reply or if you notice a lack of me on your dash - that’s why

@ross-sunglasses yh I’m actually a bffs with Harry Potter n he does all my make up for me #britishlife


The Strypes

Pete O’Hanlon
Ross Farrelly
Josh McClorey
Evan Walsh


Don’t think I’ve seen this photo before

The Strypes at Northcote Social Club Review (via young-gifted-and-blue)

Josh McClorey gives brash, insolent stares across the audience while thrusting his guitar up into the spotlights. Ross Farrelly goes all mysterious by keeping dark black sunnies on all night commanding all to get moving and have a good time to She’s So Fine.

so I was tagged by Katie to do the six selfies thang and I’m tagging Rachel to do the same xxx

sorry for my face


I was tagged by the gorgeous miriamcinnamon and the stunning blue-collar-bee (from my other account) to post six pictures of myself that I actually like so here they are! Thank you for the tag guys x

Please note that I am intentionally pouting in some of them, I’m not actually as pouty as josh mcclorey 

I would like to tag cavansfinest rather-have-waterfight what-a-fine-mess and imthekingpin

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