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my name is meg and I like the strypes a bit

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so i was updating an 8tracks playlist that i had and i saw something about the strypes covering “searchin”, and sure enough it was them covering one of my all time favourite songs from my childhood. i’ve never seen it around tumblr so i thought it just should be brought to mind.

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The Strypes @ Great Scott (by Kay Broadbent)

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The Strypes @ The Bailie Hotel (by Paul M.Reynolds)

(Source: young-gifted-and-blue, via wankstrypes)

Anonymous asked: Don't you find the term 'strypette' incredibly juvenile and cringey? Like why cant you just like something without giving it a childish label?


I’m torn on this issue. The controlling part of likes labelling things and putting them in categories, whilst the other part of me finds it completely unnecessary to name things. To be honest, if people want to call themselves that, there’s nothing stopping them - if you don’t want to call yourself that, you don’t have to. There’s a lot of injustice in this world and I think the word “strypettes” is of low concern x

Anonymous asked: How many strypette cliques do you suppose there are in the fandom as a whole?


I don’t really like the term “clique” but I suppose there’s not really another word for it. I’d say there was about five ish main groups on the internet but I don’t know. Weird question pal x

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